The Pig Roast

Today I was at Sent Sovi (and not to paint the place, or to wash dishes, thank goodness!) because Joe roasted an entire pig for the eatin’. It was also a surprise birthday party for a good friend and customer of the restaurant, but equally just a pretext to get wasted and eat the best pork ever. I even ate that bastard’s tail.

Anyway, among many other conversations at the party, I somehow brought up the book “The Racers Image” to a motorcycle guy (who is also I believe the editor of the Wave magazine). Well that set him off, because it turns out the book is incredibly hard to get ahold of, sought after by bike guys everywhere, and pretty much legendary. He even offered $1000 for it. Seriously. And the worst part is, I held it in my hands at a used bookstore a year or two ago. I read the first chapter. I was really stoked about the book. And I was too cheap to spend like $15 or however much it was. Terrible. And I don’t feel bad about that idle claim of money for the book either, I just feel bad because I let what is apparently a holy grail for some pass through my hands. The least I could do was quickly run up to the office and use my google expertise and to produce a phone number and an old webpage for the book, which may indeed produce a copy of it. I’m crossing my fingers!

(The book itself is a thinly fictionalized story of the canyon racers in the Bay Area during the 80s…Some of the guys written about in there still ride up here, the ones that are still alive, anyhow. Real stuff.)

[names omitted here, teehee!]
The other hilarious thing at the party was having my friend’s boss’s boss call him up at work (past 8pm mind you) and tell him to “get his ass over here” to the restaurant to drink wine and eat pig. It was pretty much the most classic shit ever. And also this big boss is in on my idea to go to a fancy restaurant and pay a corkage fee on a box of wine).

I also had a lot of other great conversations, leads on employment, and other neat stuff. It just really sucks to be presented with an opportunity for a job by somebody who says “if I put in a good word, you will get this job, but you have to be serious about it”. You know, when you’re deciding whether to continue engineering right now or just go off to art school.

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