Times back from LA + The Combined LA/LV Trip Entry (not!)

This is way late, but since I have it sitting in a text file and it doesn’t look like I’m gonna get around to doing my “huge entry about that 9 day trip I took a while ago!” any time soon, here’s the actual times from segment to segment on my way back. I don’t know why I actually kept track of it that time, but here it is. Now I can delete it from my to-do/random-idea text file.

00:01:19 Beverly Hills -> Unusually Well Lit Mobil
00:16:34 Break Mobil Drink+Poop
00:31:02 Mobil -> Buttonwillow North Side (46)
00:05:31 Break Buttonwillow Gas+Go
00:59:06 Buttonwillow->Harris Ranch
00:12:29 Break at Stinktown (Harris Ranch)
01:00:48 Harris Ranch -> 152 Interchange
00:13:06 Break Hwy 33/152 Petro
00:39:42 I-5 to 101, via 152
00:32:59 Gilroy->Home

Well, I really should write that entry one of these days before I forget. Maybe I’ll break it down into parts, that makes it easier than pulling off fort90-length entries. So yeah, here’s a series of potential entries in the future to break down that eventful trip!

I. The Press Junket: Dining on Mazda’s Dollar, Meeting a bunch of Real Car Journalists, The Pine Car Derby Caterham 7.
II. The Coast: Driving down, Riding on Pismo Beach, The Search for a Charger and some Ghetto Food.
III. Back in LA with no Reason. Hanging with Lance, and smelling the freeway in a Locost 7.
IV. Onward to Vegas! Breaking down en route, $3 Steak and Eggs, A Combined Gunshow/Anime Convention. Arcade spotting on the strip.
V. On the Road Again: Back to LA, The Longest Driveway Run, A Small White Friend.
VI. Well, I drove back from LA and this entry just described the times. Guess we don’t need that one.

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