Track Day Training

4:41:27 AM slonie: I need some events so I can drive my damn silver car properly!
4:44:43 AM moto: There is a AE86 time attack in December…
4:44:52 AM slonie: streets?
4:44:56 AM moto: Endorsed by Club4G…run by TCRA
4:44:59 AM moto: yeah
4:45:02 AM moto: Streets
4:45:06 AM slonie: that’s possible
4:45:08 AM moto: wanna come?
4:45:10 AM slonie: would probably want to tow out to it
4:45:18 AM slonie: good chance to show how out of practice I am
4:45:25 AM moto: me too
4:45:29 AM slonie: or wow everybody with the skills gained from reading “Going Faster!” on the toilet every day

Hey, that stuff really works! I read Secrets of Solo Racing when I was in Louisiana making sushi every day, and when I came back I was able to score a totally illegitimate class win in FSP*!

(*in my SM car….Sorry erikku, I know you just cringed)

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