Demo’d a Demo at Demo

Today I went to Trailhead Cyclery’s dirt demo

In the Soquel Demonstration Forest

And rode a Specialized Demo 7

It was pretty damn awesome. Except the multiple miles of climbing through at least 800 feet of verticality. It was worth it though for the descent on a trail called Braille which was the gnarliest thing I have ever ridden on. Luckily I had a bike that could stand up to whatever I threw it down. It always arrived, whether I was on top of it or not when it got there!

Anyway not much to say except my first “real downhill trail” on a “real downhill bike” was unbelievable. Mucho thanks to all the guys at Trailhead and Specialized (and Intense, Yeti, Ibis, etc, even though I only got a chance to ride one bike) for putting this event on. Oh yeah, and who’d have thought “Braille Trail” would have bumps. And also, I now see why Sulpher Springs trail is known as “Suffer Springs”.

Naturally I had to take the Demo (which is indeed named after this forest, since Specialized is in Norcal, baby) just so I could say I did the subject of this entry. If I had gotten there earlier I could have tried out more bikes…But I was beat from all the restaurant painting work I’ve been doing for the past few days. Luckily it’s almost done!

(also I should have worn my pads, wouldn’t you know it a spinning tire can really take the skin off your leg if given the chance).

Also I wrote about it a little more sensibly in this thread: . Not a duplicate of the LJ entry!

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