Riding in The City

Is pretty sweet. On Friday, I rode to the SJ station and took my bike on the train up to San Fran, checked out TAD Gear‘s new location (and bought a piece of gear, too, unfortunately), then headed over to this new bar called Gestalt.
The place is really sweet, made even better by the fact that the bartender was hooking it up for people from MTBr.com…Well, let’s just say we did some serious drinking. The bar is also excellent besides the free beer because they have a big selection, six kinds of sausages on the grill, and indoor parking for bikes. They just opened up and it was seriously hopping in there. I wish them the best of luck…

On Saturday I rode around pretty much all day from the East to the West and back again till evening time and hopped on the train back home. Lots of fun, not that scary and the hills weren’t as bad as I expected. Maybe it’s because I instantly got SF-riding-ability from the brief time spent riding Matt’s fixed gear the night before. That was another first, and hella fun! It’ll be pretty hilarious when I convert the Hard Rock to fixed gear. Though I might want to check out the constantly re-loosening headset, first things first!
But back to the ride, I rode through Golden Gate Park, the Mission (more than once), Financial District, Potrero Hill, etc, I mean, it’s only like 7 miles from one end to the other…Oh, and I finally got to stop at MotoJava, the combined Espresso Cafe and Motorcycle Dealership/Shop. It’s as awesome as you’d expect. The owner even dropped a free shot of espresso in my coffee to kick things up a notch.

I’m pretty sure I’ll go back to the city next week, causek: http://www.veloswap.com/expo/why_attend_sf.html

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