Skitchin’ is Bitchin’

12:47:30 PM slonieman: and….
12:47:39 PM slonieman: SHARE THE ROAD! (by letting bikes skitch off of you)
12:47:50 PM farsyed: always wanted to do that
12:47:54 PM farsyed: but my parents wouldnt let me
12:47:55 PM slonieman: haha
12:47:59 PM farsyed: just like sitting on the baggage carousel
12:48:06 PM farsyed: one day i will realize those dreams
12:48:06 PM slonieman: closest I got was alex smith on his 10 speed towing me on the rollerblades
12:48:12 PM slonieman: rock on brotherman
12:48:17 PM farsyed: LJ that

(Author’s note: Design is preliminary)

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