Still exist

After a week and a half of playing Zelda like it was my job, I’m back. No, seriously, I didn’t post since that first night of getting the game.

Chapel pinged me today wanting an emblem for a Lamborghini-themed A5 Rabbit project, so I threw this together. He said to just take the lambo emblem and throw the rabbit emblem in place of the bull, but I got the idea to redraw the rabbit in the pose of the bull while retaining its original line art style. And here it is, crudely colored and slapped into a badge. I’m pretty happy with it, though I gotta do some tweaking for the final version…

So we take:



Also this gave me an opportunity to notice the differences between the 1975 original Rabbit logo and the new one. Old one looks nicer I think. I’ll be looking at it when I redraw mine.

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