This Week

MacWorld Expo: Fun, but should be called “Mac and iPod CaseWorld” because that’s what half of it was. I did see some cool apps though.

iPhone: Awesome as hell, but I think my recent phone entry describes pretty clearly why I should not carry such a device.

Children of Men: Really awesome, cause I like movies with incredibly long shots* and indiscriminate violence. Highly recommended. I guess I should also say that Pan’s Labyrinth was pretty cool as well, if you can find a theater that’s showing it.

Other stuff? I dunno. Went on a pubcrawling road ride at night with 10 bikes last week, it was sweet! There was a ride tonight but I missed it on account of watching Children of Man and Lucian being up in the Bay for Macworld.

Also stolen eBay accounts suck! Could be worse though.

*I still like De Palma’s Snake Eyes, despite it being a fairly lousy movie overall. Anybody got any other suggestions for long shot junkies such as myself? (Serenity has a nice one too…)

Hell, you don’t even need to do 15 minute tracking shots to be cool these days, I just wish more movies these days didn’t appear to have editors with ADD for their action scenes.

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