This is Very Odd

11:28:52 PM slonieman: this is very odd
11:28:57 PM vitriumgts: waddup yo
11:29:11 PM slonieman: okay, so I recently got an old road bike that takes 27″ wheels, right?
11:29:35 PM vitriumgts: right?
11:29:45 PM slonieman: And I have come up with the idea of getting a 700C track wheel for the back (that’s a different size, modern standard) wheel for it and turning it into a fixed gear
11:29:54 PM slonieman:
11:30:56 PM slonieman: read it?
11:30:59 PM vitriumgts: yes

Please click the link and read the first post before continuing in the cut…

11:31:01 PM slonieman: okay but see that’s not me
11:31:02 PM vitriumgts: pics would help
11:31:06 PM vitriumgts: wtf?
11:31:26 PM vitriumgts: were you sleepposting?
11:31:48 PM slonieman: since they already have the wheel, it’s clear that I’m posting from the future
11:31:52 PM slonieman: hence I’d have no knowledge of it yet

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