12:08:31 AM tmorales13: what the

12:06:55 AM slonieman: oh man, here’s a little AIM copy-paste
12:07:01 AM slonieman: everyone needs to know about this
12:04:36 AM slonieman: http://blogs.ign.com/Hil-IGN/2006/09/01/29782/
12:04:38 AM slonieman: This guy… Kenneth Eng. See here for starters.
12:04:55 AM slonieman: He recently became famous for his editorial “why I hate blacks” that got published in AsianWeek here in the bay area. ( http://www.aaja.org/news/aajanews/2007_02_26_01/ )
12:05:12 AM slonieman: but he’s not just racist, he’s also certifiably insane
12:05:20 AM slonieman: and his novel’s cover has a dragon with an uzi
12:05:25 AM slonieman: oh, and he’s a furry too ( http://www.forewordmagazine.com/ftw/ftwarchives.aspx?id=20050601.htm )
12:08:31 AM tmorales13: what the

One more bonus link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/ATCXMPPVKTNTU

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