SF->SJ Rally: Overheard!

Okay, for those whom I didn’t tell, I entered a race from San Francisco to San Jose today on regular roads. Though the route could be as short as 50 miles, I am very sure I rode at least 65 today. I’m gonna feel great tomorrow!

On the Internet:
– “Maps will be provided at the start. Beer will be provided at the finish. The rest is up to you.”

On 3rd Street, escaping San Francisco, from the mouth of a Unicyclist
– “Get rid of your fucking training wheel!”

Under the San Antonio underpass on Central Expressway
– “I’m not proud, but I’m relieved.”
– “Is that spot okay for her?”
– “….No.”

At Checkpoint #3, Santa Clara
– “On a scale of 1 to stomach flu, how clean is this water?”

Downtown San Jose moments after a spirited sprint the wrong way down 1st Street and moments before slamming 3 beers at the finish line.
– “Officer, would you please tell me which way St. James is?”
– “2 Blocks that way. I wouldn’t go over there if I was you.”

More when I can remember it…

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