Demo in the Demo: THE SEQUEL

Cribbed from an email to Mike:

I told them at Demo that I wanted to take out something lighter, more all-mountain or all-arounder, so they set me up with a Yeti ASR-SL. Since it weighs like 25 lbs it really railed…And I was able to pedal up 95% of Sulfer (the last super steep part was below my stall speed, after falling over while trying to clip-in and start 3 times, I gave up and pushed it the last 50 feet).

Coming down ridge and tractor was fun too. Tractor is fast. So fast that it’s a little scary. I decided that it might fit the character of the bike better than Braille. Hell, the 3.5 mile climb out (half a mile more than if you went down braille) went by pretty easily…real easily given my recent shape and the presence of a front derailleur!

Anyway fun times. For reference it took me almost or about 3 hours to do the loop on the Demo 7 last time. I was in and back in 1:45 on the Yeti. Now if only I showed up earlier so I could do another lap or two on another bike!

Fun times…Fun times indeed. And this time I got back before all the beer/BBQ was gone!

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