Monster Lemon 2, the Re-Lemoning

From the Tree That Brought you Monster Lemon comes a new breed of terror…Monster Lemon 2:

Monster Lemon 2: The Re-Lemoning

Even gnarlier than Monster Lemon 1, which was still pretty nuts:

My friend Sam suggested that perhaps Barry Bonds was “watering” my lemon tree.

Also, I totally didn’t even notice that the tree was bearing fruit since all the lemons were hanging on the back side of the tree, not visible from my house. Only after Maki pointed it out did I notice that there were tons of huge lemons hanging just out of view. We pulled down 5 or 6 of them and made a bunch of super-strong lemonade. I didn’t cut open the Monster Lemon though, it wouldn’t even fit in the juicer.

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