Trip Update

I’m staying at Curtis’ right now…And between waking up and grinding on a Santana’s California Burrito and some Chips with Cheese, I rode around a little…

Backing up a bit, Tuesday was the drive down and hanging out in Torrance with Moto, Chris, and Shinjiro. I made sure to go to Curry House with them since we don’t have that up in Norcal. This is really turning into an eating tour of Socal for me…When I hit Vegas tonight I’ll add $3 steak and eggs to the tally of bad-for-me-ness on the trip.

And oh yeah, yesterday was my eating tour of Westwood (Lamonica’s and Diddy Reise) and quick tour of UCLA (the campus is a lot smaller and even flatter from the saddle of a bike…I sprinted from Ackerman to Hedrick Hall in a few minutes, unlike all those suckers on foot. Also I bought a new UCLA hoodie and found out they turned my beloved UCLA Arcade into a JAMBA JUICE. What the hell!)

Tonight I leave for Vegas via Riverside…Supposedly Riverside has some fast night riding/drinking in store…And Vegas is just Vegas. Wait for the next update!

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