Climbing! Riding!

I got a membership for Planet Granite, and promptly made none-to-good-use of it by only going once last month. Nonetheless, I returned yesterday and polished off a night of 5.10a and 5.10b routes. The feeling that the a’s were pretty easy shows that either they got more lenient in their grading, or I’m getting better. The b’s felt equally easy in some cases, less so in others. I gotta actually climb with some people who are more advanced to pick up some technique though, since my current technique is just “climb up the wall.”

Also Lu finally got his belay certification and was tearing it up on the wall. Good times…

Also, last weekend was ride-tastic. Rode to Mountain View to meet up with Erik, then rode on to Palo Alto with him on Stevens Creek Trail. Had dinner, then headed back to Mountain View on the near-deserted streets. The last 15 miles back to my house though, I did in the passenger seat of a car. On Sunday morning, we took the train to the city, then rode into Sausalito to check out this awesome shop called A Bicycle Odyssey and eat some delicious fish and chips (still not as good as Cook’s though).

The shop owner, Tony, was super nice and actually gave me a mini fitting session and some suggestions on my form. Turns out that my suspicion of having an utterly short torso is correct, which makes fitting a bike a little harder, but the bike I’ve got is at least in the ballpark. Next time, I might want to find something with a little shorter top tube, but in the meantime I can switch to a shorter stem or shorter-reach bars. Or just increase my core strength and flexibility in order to make up the distance to the hoods and drops! He didn’t even ask for anything in return for the fitting advice, which was a very nice gesture since I came in prepared to pay. I’ll definitely be back (the huge selection of bikes, frames, and gear doesn’t hurt either. And they do have a Bianchi Roger hanging temptingly in the window…).

We took the ferry back, which was a little bit of a copout, but that hill going back to the GG bridge would have been pretty brutal for Erik (ha! what a great excuse for me not to have to ride it either!) and unlike the ferry, would not have included beer consumption.

Here’s some pics of A Bicycle Odyssey:

Anyway, that’s it for now on this highly-disused LJ.

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