CARS AGAIN, you happy?

6:20:50 PM jonathansitf355: fix your car?
6:20:56 PM slonieman: yep
6:20:59 PM jonathansitf355: good
6:21:03 PM jonathansitf355: easy?
6:21:06 PM slonieman: went back and put an alternator in in front of somebody’s house
6:21:11 PM jonathansitf355: hahaha
6:21:20 PM slonieman: was happy to do it in less than an hour (50 minutes actually)
6:21:29 PM slonieman: even though somebody could do it in 10 minutes
6:21:31 PM jonathansitf355: sweetness
6:21:31 PM slonieman: if they were, say, taka
6:21:36 PM jonathansitf355: hahaha
6:21:42 PM slonieman: taka can do a timing belt in the time it took me to do my alternator, sadly
6:21:55 PM jonathansitf355: well when you got one hand round a beer and the other round a hot chick… shit takes time.
6:22:04 PM slonieman: haha
6:22:11 PM slonieman: I got dropped off in saratoga by my brother/sister-in-law
6:22:20 PM slonieman: then if I didn’t get it working I had no backup plan
6:22:24 PM slonieman: short of calling for a pickup
6:22:34 PM jonathansitf355: true
6:22:37 PM jonathansitf355: well glad you got it running
6:22:48 PM jonathansitf355: otherwise I’d have to drive by there late at night and steal your rust
6:22:52 PM slonieman: haha
6:22:56 PM jonathansitf355: *ahiem* I mean your steelies…
6:23:04 PM jonathansitf355: opps I ment broken glass
6:23:10 PM jonathansitf355: or your prized HAT!
6:23:15 PM slonieman: noooo not my hat!
6:23:18 PM jonathansitf355: hahahaa
6:23:24 PM jonathansitf355: ransom!
6:29:11 PM slonieman: now that my car is running my brakes are getting sketch again
6:33:05 PM jonathansitf355: hahahaha
6:33:09 PM jonathansitf355: you need brakes?
6:33:11 PM jonathansitf355: front and rear?
6:33:17 PM slonieman: that car is the sketchiest sketch that ever sketched
6:33:24 PM jonathansitf355: shitty
6:33:26 PM slonieman: I can’t believe I’ve gotten 2 years of use out of it
6:33:27 PM slonieman: ahaha
6:33:36 PM slonieman: while spending a minimum of money and effort
6:35:07 PM jonathansitf355: yeah
6:35:46 PM slonieman: it’s pretty sad/awesome
6:35:50 PM slonieman: I am the worst car owner ever
6:35:52 PM jonathansitf355: hahahaha
6:36:02 PM slonieman: I really should get the tires put on there though
6:36:20 PM slonieman: people (who aren’t drifters) look at the rear tires on the car and express genuine shock and concern
6:36:39 PM slonieman: one of them is as smooth as I’d imagine a baby’s bottom to be, not that I’ve ever touched a baby’s bottom

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