“Unique Living Situation”

I’ll say…


$950 / 1br – Unique living situation. (san jose north)

Reply to: hous-372800585@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-07-13, 1:57AM PDT

Unique living situation.

Converted water tower on our property. Full kitchen and bath. Two stories and a loft. Stairs to second floor and loft are very steep and narrow. This space is very small with VERY LIMITED STORAGE & CLOSET SPACE. Perfect for a minimalist lifestyle. Parking available – not covered. 150 ft from main line of Railroad; Union pacific, ACE Train – 10-15 trains a day, few @ night.

Utilities: Electricity is billed from separate meter but water & gas are included. Looking to have ready between July 1 and early August. Perfect for military person, ten minutes to Moffett.

Renter must be clean, sober, non-smoking and financially stable, eco-sensitive, quiet. No Water Beds/Floatation Beds. No Pets.

Move in requires: Credit Check, Background Check (there are children nearby) first month rent & Security Deposit ($950).

Farman and Jason say: “Water BETTER be included”

4:46:06 PM realfolkblues2: I mean working in what I do now, there’s no checkbox for WATER TOWER CONVERSION
4:46:18 PM realfolkblues2: There is for Condo Coversion (converted from an apartment to a condo)
4:47:03 PM slonieman: haaha
4:47:58 PM realfolkblues2: Thats almost strange enough to at least check out
4:48:03 PM realfolkblues2: Scooby Doo mystery style
4:48:49 PM slonieman: Jerry wants to check it out
4:48:58 PM realfolkblues2: Great
4:49:06 PM realfolkblues2: now you just need a Great Dane and some pot

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