Drifting Graphic Design Hour

10:47:09 PM slonieman: see what happens when you don’t make a flyer?
10:47:15 PM tmorales13: oh yeah
10:47:16 PM tmorales13: d’oh
10:47:29 PM slonieman: http://norcaldrift.org/index.php?showtopic=837 (flyer)
10:48:05 PM tmorales13: hahaha, your flyer
10:48:11 PM slonieman: to be fair, I was watching a movie at the time on Lu’s floor, and the internet connection went down so I really, litearlly went with the first two photos I could get
10:48:41 PM tmorales13: it’s fine to me
10:48:46 PM slonieman: I mean, it’s serviceable
10:48:49 PM tmorales13: it’s pretty much how i would’ve done it
10:48:51 PM slonieman: and it has absolutely no gradients
10:48:57 PM tmorales13: except with fancier graphics
10:49:00 PM tmorales13: at least it doesn’t have gradients
10:49:04 PM tmorales13: or posterization filter
10:49:06 PM slonieman: ahahaha
10:49:09 PM slonieman: we both said the same thing


tmorales13: it has a gradient

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