Random things

I was at the movie theater watching the trailer for The Dark Knight before The Bourne Ultimatum, when the power went out for the theater. And most of the mall, and several blocks. Then I went home later and found the area around my house cordoned off because a car carrier big rig had hit and sheared off the top of the power pole on the corner that I live on. Power was still up at the time, since the transformer was still dutifully attached to and hanging with the top of the pole, suspended by high voltage lines.

Of course, the power went out later in the night when the city workers had to actually fix it.

Then today I saw an old lady fall over badly because she tripped on the slightly raised ramp of concrete adjacent to her handicapped parking spot at Walgreens. So much for improved access. I was on the phone with the HMO at the time and had to put them on hold to go help her out.

Also I’m sick. Hopefully getting better though.

Bourne was pretty good when i went back to watch it later, but not as good as Overdrift.

10:23:16 PM slonieman: http://jdm-deets.livejournal.com/20100.html?nc=4&style=mine
10:23:19 PM alucard2x2: i’ll be staying in san jose 😀
10:24:46 PM alucard2x2: i download a 10 gig torrent of steve jobs keynotes from like 97 on
10:24:51 PM alucard2x2: downloaded
10:25:00 PM alucard2x2: i watched the intro of the original imac
10:25:03 PM alucard2x2: the imac with colors
10:25:16 PM alucard2x2: imac slot loading, imac dv, imac dv special edition
10:25:17 PM slonieman: I’ll hear none of it till you take the 5 minutes to watch this
10:25:19 PM alucard2x2: the original ibook
10:25:21 PM alucard2x2: powermac g3
10:25:26 PM alucard2x2: it was great
10:25:55 PM alucard2x2: i’m setting up machines, so it’ll be a few minutes before i watch it
10:26:03 PM slonieman: okie dokie
10:26:32 PM alucard2x2: imac dv special edition LOL
10:26:48 PM alucard2x2: AMAZ!NG FEATURE
10:31:11 PM slonieman: I started watching heroes
10:31:16 PM slonieman: that is, I watched one episode
10:34:53 PM alucard2x2: FAIRTALES AND MAGIC OLD MAN
10:37:37 PM alucard2x2: this shit is pretty fucking high quality for channel 101
10:38:30 PM alucard2x2: so wha’ do you plan to do about it?
10:38:37 PM alucard2x2: IM GONNA DRIFT
10:38:42 PM alucard2x2: everything was said in caps
10:39:06 PM alucard2x2: holy fuck, that one failed?
10:39:08 PM alucard2x2: that’s some bullshit
10:39:15 PM slonieman: yeah it was like the least rated one, or second least
10:39:26 PM slonieman: every second of it was pure gold
10:39:27 PM alucard2x2: i now hate channel 101

Also on the topic of things that are awesome, the Soundtrack To (and The Movie Of) Hot Rod. Links to it on http://www.thelonelyisland.com . Only $7.99 on iTunes, yo!

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