It’s all bullshit, the whole business!

So you cooked up a story and put the six of us into a meat grinder? What happened to you Dillon?

Jerry, Ryan, Don and I had a Spontaneous Predator Night(tm) last night. Because any time is a good time for Predator.

Bonus link: ArnoCorps thinks so too –

(according to ArnoCorps’s website, there is no need to fear ArnoCorps. They are a rescue team, not assassins.)

Actually the page is funny enough that it deserves a bigger quote:

The Jäger or ‘hunter’ is believed by many to be a relic of some extinct species that survived by hunting for its prey. Tales of sightings of the ‘hunter’ have surfaced in just about every generation of Austrians and has been the final theory in the occasional unsolved missing persons case. It is told that the hunter stalks its prey from high in the treetops of the Bohemian Forest, where it camouflages itself with branches and leaves. When the time is right, lore says, the hunter, or predator, swoops down and, using launchable claws, puts its prey down in a terrifically gruesome manner (this ‘launchable claw’ theory, suggests to some that the beast is equipped with a superior intellect, possibly of alien origin). Using this information, Holzfeuer penned the song “Predator”, a sort of homage to the monster and a retelling of the centuries old expedition lead by two explorers, Frans Feilschen and Dillon Schmutzig, whose party is rumored to have met their demise at the hands of the elusive creature amidst a controversy of lies and betrayal— leading to the emotional chorus “What happened to you Dillon? You used to be someone I could trust!”.

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