Time to let ole painless out of the bag

Or rather, to install the dual Fiamm airhorns that Jerry gave me a couple years ago.

11:14:37 PM Lee Slone: today I was approaching the intersection that my work is at
11:14:42 PM Cocomonky7: is it a dying goose?
11:15:44 PM Lee Slone: when in some kind of rarely-seen flatbiller mating ritual, a lifted F-250 pulled alongside another identical one, Famous Stars and stripes stickers shining proudly, to pass a ceremonial Monster energy drink from one to the other. This also blocked the entire road for many many seconds.
11:15:55 PM Lee Slone: I am an easygoing dood, so I just sat there
11:16:11 PM Lee Slone: but when another car came behind me and the two giant trucks were still blocking the way, I let loose a honk
11:16:28 PM Lee Slone: a honk that may have something to do with the Miata’s less-than-manly reputation

(I seriously could not make up a story like this — I thought they were just talking to each other, then they passed a Monster from one truck to the other…Totally extreme, bro!)

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