It’s that Time Again (This entry rated R for consistant profanity)

9:03:35 PM Slonie: okay here goes
9:03:27 PM colin frost SPL: i’m excited
9:03:36 PM colin frost SPL: EEEEE!
9:03:40 PM Slonie: are you ready?
9:03:46 PM colin frost SPL: i honestly dont think im ready
9:03:42 PM Slonie:
9:04:16 PM colin frost SPL: saving this.
9:04:19 PM colin frost SPL: that was awesome
9:04:31 PM colin frost SPL: did you make that?
9:04:35 PM Slonie: yeah
9:04:44 PM colin frost SPL: bra-vo
9:04:32 PM Slonie: bonus scene:
9:04:50 PM colin frost SPL: LOL he’s not even gay but he’ll do it
9:04:51 PM colin frost SPL: hahahahah
9:05:04 PM colin frost SPL: you like to fuck babies?
9:05:06 PM colin frost SPL: you like to fuck boys?
9:05:11 PM colin frost SPL: HE’S GONNA FUCK YOU IN THE ASS!
9:05:19 PM colin frost SPL: i dont remember how that movie ended up on my compujer
9:05:23 PM colin frost SPL: but dammit it was a miracle
9:05:49 PM colin frost SPL: she’s got a big mouth but she’s not kiddin
9:05:55 PM colin frost SPL: im gonna whip you silly and fuck you stupid
9:05:58 PM colin frost SPL: wanna do the man dance?
9:05:59 PM colin frost SPL: first dance is yours
9:06:08 PM colin frost SPL: ahhh i need a vinyl cutter so i can get these things and put them on my corolla
9:06:14 PM Slonie: lance has of course told you all about WoTG+Mexican Food right?
9:06:17 PM Slonie: my yearly event
9:06:28 PM colin frost SPL: i don’t think he has
9:06:38 PM Slonie: I pretty much just described it
9:06:42 PM Slonie: cause that’s what it is
9:06:59 PM Slonie: the NES parody was created to hype it up last year (hype it up to the 5 readers of my livejournal)
9:07:35 PM colin frost SPL: hahaha
9:07:54 PM colin frost SPL: i think anything would go well with wotg, but mexican food sounds just about perfect
9:08:21 PM Slonie: exactly!
9:08:27 PM Slonie: also how many times I’ve bought it for $5 at wal mart
9:08:30 PM Slonie: and given it to people
9:08:38 PM Slonie: I think lance was a recipient of it, but I know a few other people were
9:08:47 PM Slonie: usually when I find myself in another city and WoTG-less
9:08:55 PM Slonie: and somebody tells me they haven’t seen woTG
9:09:04 PM Slonie: I will remedy that situation. Hard.
9:10:04 PM colin frost SPL: hahaha
9:10:10 PM colin frost SPL: i need ot buy it on dvd
9:10:11 PM colin frost SPL: just for the case
9:11:40 PM Slonie: yeah
9:11:42 PM Slonie: plus it’s $5!
9:11:52 PM Slonie: man I still need to check up on Tohru
9:11:56 PM Slonie: (Fight Club style)
9:11:59 PM Slonie: to see if he’s watched it
9:12:04 PM Slonie: I told him like 5 years ago to watch it
9:12:17 PM colin frost SPL: give him a nice n rough checkup
9:13:01 PM Slonie: he was pushing is car along the grid at irwindale
9:13:03 PM Slonie: slow car chase style
9:13:11 PM Slonie: I was like “dude, that’s just like the slow car chase in way of the gun”
9:13:14 PM Slonie: and he’s like “huh?”
9:13:25 PM Slonie: and I’m like “way of the gun! fucking watch it!”
9:13:56 PM colin frost SPL: oh man
9:14:00 PM colin frost SPL: i never thought of it like that
9:14:03 PM colin frost SPL: im never turning my car on again
9:14:11 PM colin frost SPL: so i can pretend i’m in that scene over and over and over
9:17:27 PM Slonie: Fuck yeah.

Yeah, this shit’s gotta go down sometime this month. Until that day…

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