Videogame Related Post

Good Idea: Playing Afterburner Climax for the first time last night. On my second play, when I chose some snazzy Macross-inspired paint scheme for my F-14 and switched to the Afterburner II music, I was certainly in the zone. The zone of awesomeness.

It definitely does for After Burner what Outrun 2 did for Outrun. That said, I seem to be one of the few to officially recognize Sky Target as the first time Sega update Afterburner for a new generation.

Okay, so does HG101, as seen here :

Bad Idea: Bowling Alleys that think so much of their arcade offerings as to use a Dave-and-Buster’s-style card system in order to rape you for ~$2.50 per play. What the hell.

EDIT: Much better review:
It makes me think I should actually throw in some non-lazy writing next time I decide to write an entry!

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