AIM Poached Entry

11:51:02 PM Lee Slone: also now henry is looking for a driver on AMD’s website
11:51:25 PM Lee Slone: which has a FULL BACKSTORY for their CGI girlfriend-substitute/marketing-video-card-demo-girl
11:51:29 PM Lee Slone: in fact
11:51:43 PM Lee Slone:
11:51:50 PM Lee Slone: READ IT
11:52:04 PM Lee Slone: he read part of that story out loud, then said “anyway…where’s my driver?”
11:53:48 PM JasonDMoses: Yeah I actually can’t read this
11:53:50 PM Lee Slone: then, “ATI sorta sucked at marketing, and AMD has always sucked at marketing, and now they teamed up”
11:53:52 PM Lee Slone: READ IT
11:54:00 PM JasonDMoses: I read enough to agree with the above quote

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