A random guy started talking with me about Cloverfield…[NO spoilers]

…on the way out of the theater. You know, on Monday nights there’s only like five people in there anyway, so you don’t always just shuffle out ignoring one another, especially if you were one of the few who stayed for the end credits.* So what did I tell him I thought of it? It was a well-engineered movie. I’m being precise with the word I used there. Do you like setpieces in the “modern” first person shooter?

Anyway, yes. If I was thinking out my words even more, I might have called it a “well-engineered experience,” but I’m fine calling it a movie. I’d see it if I were you.

(But come to think of it, the average movie these days can’t even amount to an experience, in my mind, so that’s a pretty good compliment to Cloverfield in itself. Actually if I had to change my words even more, I’d call it a well-Imagineered experience)

*Do stay for the credits though, the movie has no score except for the epic theme by Michael Giacchino over the end credits. Recommended.

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