Micromusic SF Launch Party

Okay, so on Thursday morning I found out about a chiptune show that was scheduled for the same day. It was the launch party for micromusic‘s SF branch. I’d have gone to the show for any one of the performers, but with seven performing it was a must-see. Anyway, the show was awesome! I was already a fan of x|k, nullsleep, and chibi-tech, and I had heard of trash80 before, but I walked out of there pleasantly surprised by tumult, a_rival, and starpause as well. It was really good times all around. Plus, it was cool to meet everyone.

I put up some some photos on my flickr the other day, but I’m happy now to be able to show the video I shot and edited. Although shooting with the G9 in a darkened club is like bringing a knife to a gunfight for photos, the ability to take videos can really make up for that. Anyway, here goes:


I didn’t actually shoot much video, since I’d rather enjoy the show than be videographer, but since stills don’t get the point across, I wanted to put something together to show everyone what’s up. Also, I have no idea what the hell happened to the SLO•NIE video production lead-in clip, but given the subject matter I think it fits right in.

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