Hanging out at Breakaway…

I was in Saratoga for the 5th Anniversary Spectacular at the restaurant, so I dropped in at Breakaway to say hi and invite Dave to the party…

When I was there I spotted a bike that isn’t normally found at a dealer of Giants and Cannondales…

Turns out it belongs to the mechanic, Howard, and he was just finishing up the build with the ritual (and required) cutting of the seatmast. Scary! In any case, It’s amazing what kind of discount one can get on a blemished frame when they’re great friends with somebody at Look…I’m jealous.

Later on, I was snapping a photo of it and Howard offered to let me take it for a spin. I didn’t hesitate to take him up on the offer. All I can say is, wow, these new bikes sure are something…

Aaaaaand….I put my money where my mouth is on my constant promises to try a Brooks out. I mean, I’m never gonna know until I actually try one, so I picked up one of these…

It looks totally out of place on the otherwise modern build on the IRO, but since it will outlast the bike, that’s only temporary anyway!

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