Macross F – Some random thoughts!

It feels downright odd to be up-to-date on an anime after years of being out of it. Seeing fansubs up day or two after the episode airs in Japan really drives home the dire position that the US anime industry is in these days. As for the show itself, I’m withholding my judgement for now. The first thing it has going against it is that it’s a follow-on to Macross 7. On the plus side, it sure looks pretty at times. The homages to the original seem quite thick in the opening episodes, except without generating much empathy for of the characters. What’s more, the lackluster third episode burned up the goodwill gained in the first two episodes.

Then again, the original TV series had plenty of nonsense in it too, so perhaps I’m being too hard on it. After all, it’s got to exist in the hardscrabble life of the modern anime TV series. And, it’s not this show’s fault that Macross Plus raised expectations so far. So, to sum it up, I enjoy the opening song.

(As of this writing, they’re only up to episode three. So, you too can get on the trolly! And if you feel dirty for downloading a show, go out and buy Oban Star-Racers -–The most inspirational show ever made -– on DVD today!.

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