OR: Unclear on the concept of marketing

(oh, and his buddy icon is The Joker from the film)

11:31:15 PM Infamous: go see the dark knight this weekend
11:31:21 PM Lee Slone: that’s the plan
11:31:25 PM Lee Slone: actually tomorrow night most likely
11:31:44 PM Infamous: good good
11:31:47 PM Infamous: then watch it the day after that
11:31:50 PM Infamous: and the day after that
11:31:52 PM Infamous: I saw it last night
11:32:03 PM Lee Slone: I miss LA and its test screenings/hype screenings
11:32:19 PM Lee Slone: I usually tell people to see Wall•E again rather than see most other movies that are out right now
11:33:01 PM Lee Slone: (sorry, I just gave away the SURPRISE TWIST ENDING to my review of Wanted )
11:34:59 PM Infamous: lol
11:35:04 PM Infamous: wall-e was a great movie
11:35:07 PM Infamous: touched my heart
11:35:15 PM Infamous: but yeah… I got the screening not from hype or anything
11:35:22 PM Infamous: but through the ARG Viral Marketing
11:35:31 PM Infamous: http://www.whysoserious.com
11:35:35 PM Lee Slone: uh, so that is precisely what I meant by hype screening
11:35:44 PM Lee Slone: so that you’d go online and tell people how great it is — Mission accomplished
11:36:06 PM Infamous: no
11:36:12 PM Infamous: this was through the viral marketing
11:36:15 PM Infamous: for hardcore fans
11:36:21 PM Infamous: they didnt want us to hype it or anything
11:36:24 PM Infamous: this was for us
11:36:35 PM Infamous: we solved viral games that were pretty intense spanding since last years comiccon
11:36:48 PM Infamous: got hella shit loads of viral swag from the movie… nothign like normal marketing
11:36:51 PM Infamous: like the goon masks
11:36:54 PM Infamous: not the ones they sell btw
11:37:00 PM Infamous: I believe in harvey dent stickers
11:37:01 PM Infamous: shirts
11:37:08 PM Infamous: buttons…
11:37:20 PM Infamous: nthing u can buy or that the studio gives out for marketing to corporate
11:38:50 PM Lee Slone: your naiveté is refreshing

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