I voted yes on 2

But not so much because of our suffering hens. Mostly, it’s because the “NO ON 2” campaign was the douchiest one in the local race (besides 8, of course).

Just have a look at their statement from the sample ballot:

Proposition 2 HARMS California CONSUMERS who rely on safe, fresh, affordable California-raised eggs for their families. Consumers will be forced to buy eggs trucked in thousands of miles away from out-of-state and MEXICO. California family farmers will be driven out of business. It will COST thousands of JOBS, and more than $600 MILLION in ECONOMIC ACTIVITY will be LOST, hurting the state and local economies. California eggs will be MORE EXPENSIVE. With gasoline, housing, and basic grocery costs at an all-time high, Californians can’t afford to pay higher prices for food.

(source: http://www.smartvoter.org/2008/11/04/ca/state/prop/2/ , but believe me, the SHOUTING was present on the sample ballot too)


And, even better, their TV commercial. Listen carefully for the salmonella sound effect. Terrifying!

Incidentally, Prop. 2 did indeed pass. Sound effects and all. Unfortunately 8 did as well. Way to go, rest of California!

PS: When I get my own place I am getting my own hens.

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