Back from Japan. Here’s a Cat.

And I have so many photos from the trip that I can’t even fit them all on my hard drive! That said, I’ve vowed to upload more pics (and faster) than I did for my 2007 trip. I also plan to sort them by topic, rather than chronologically, in order to make it easier for people to see what they’re interested in. And, with my hopefully-legitimate interest in writing an actual blog, I plan to even make posts describing them! Wow!

For now, let me just present you with one of the pics I did capture and upload. I tried to take pictures of every cat I saw, but they were all pretty damn scared of me and my wide-angle lens. Nonetheless, I was able to track down this white cat in Tsutsujigaoka who took the time to turn around and register his disgust with me before continuing to run away.

Asshole Cat of Tsutsujigaoka

This cat is not impressed that you're in Japan and think everything is awesome.

Also, you may be wondering why this “back from Japan” post came weeks after the fact. Well! I’ve made a pact with WMH that declared when one of us resumed posting to our blogs, the other must as well. There you have it!

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