Grasshopper Season

Well, cyclocross season is over, for the most part. And what a season it was! I’ll have to sum it up soon, either here or on the team blog (god knows it could use an update!) while the memory is still fresh. But right now I’m looking ahead to this weekend. I’ll get to that in a minute.

But first, let’s go back to last year. The video. The one that I linked to many friends, instinctively, declaring it “The most inspiring video I’ve ever seen.” I didn’t even know who these guys were this time last year, nor did I know just what the Grasshoppers were. But this video kicked ass, I knew that much.

2009 Old Caz Grasshopper Pt. 1 from Geoff Kabush on Vimeo.

(part 2 here)
(yes, Geoff Kabush’s commitment to helmet-cam veracity extends to the pre-race meat feed. As Murph would say, it looks like they got meat-drunk)

So this year I decided to do the hoppers. “Best day on the bike, ever!” said my friends and teammates. I’ve got a few more miles behind me, a brand-new cyclocross bike, and a rapidly-developing taste for pain.

And it was only a few days ago that I realized this weekend’s inaugural ‘Hopper is Old Caz. Same as the video. Am I burly enough to do it? (at half the speed)

The climbs are no joke. The descents are going to be sketchy. And the “knee-high” creek crossing that promises to be considerably more interesting this year due to the recently batshit-insane weather we’ve had. As for me, that cyclocross-season fitness has certainly slid from my three weeks in Japan, recent sickness, and time off the bike due to weather (i.e. lameness). How will it all turn out? We’ll see this weekend. And a month after that, and after that. See, the series keeps going, and each one’s different. ‘Cross, Road, Mountain. And it goes till June. Sound like fun? Check out the Grasshopper Adventure Series blog. The greatest Not-A-Race series in the whole world!

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