Electronic Breadcrumbs Enabled

The way I figure it, the time I spent manually recreating all my cycling routes after the ride, just to see what they look like, totally justified the purchase of a GPS unit. And purchase one I did. As of this week I’m the “proud” owner of a Garmin Edge 705. And here’s the proof!

Why no muddy hill or golf course is safe from me and my road bike.

Hell, I have a heart-rate monitor now and everything! Truly, I am now living in an age of wonders.

As my promise to you, I will never ever post squiggly-line graphs to this blog.

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8 Responses to Electronic Breadcrumbs Enabled

  1. superfred says:

    Outfreded by a cx racer! The 705 is the missing gold medallion adorning the hairy chest of my Deda cockpit. I bow my Hed in shame…

    • Slonie says:

      Dude, of course I need a 705! Otherwise I might get lost on these mixed-use paths!

      At least I promised that this blog would be free of “the graphs.” And you’re more aware than most of what I’m talking about. Shoulda have posted a picture to illustrate what I’m talking about, but those that don’t know are better off that way.

  2. My other half got one of those last August and he’s been tracking everything – dog walking, competitive running, running for fun, mountianeering and of course cycling. It seems to be addictive that’s for sure.


    • Slonie says:

      Thanks! It remains to be seen what else I’ll use it for, for besides cycling, but the possibilities are endless. Next time at an amusement park or a the ski slopes will be fun, for sure…

  3. Brilliant! Maybe we’ll have to race you to a ski slope and see who posts these glorious bread crumbs first. – We’re out at the end of Feb, what about you?

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  5. Hi

    We’ve had ago at your electronic bread crumbs game while skiing. Check it out….

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