Some Common Themes Emerge…

While I undertake the steps required to archive and sort the photos from Japan (i.e. stall), I thought I might post up a few more teasers. Of course, I’d much rather show the photos along with the stories that go along with them. But when I look through them, I’m starting to sense a few definite themes…

I. Macros of Food/Drink, Against location where consumed

(Because that’s the only way to get bokeh on a point ‘n shoot)

II. Pictures of people who are taking pictures of things

(Note that in Japan, only L-glass and a full-frame camera (5D or better) is suitable for taking pictures of adorable kitties)

III. Great candids ruined by Erik looking directly at camera

(Also known as “Photobombing your own picture”)

All I need is to add “Photos of signs that say ‘No Photos'”, and “Cats that are jerks,” and I’ll be good.

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1 Response to Some Common Themes Emerge…

  1. whbikes says:

    As easily seen in the example of 5D MK ii bodies and L-lenses, Japanese have the best of everything. Consumerism at its best!

    I was trying to figure out how a culture that was known to save 60% of their income can always seem to spend so extravagantly, I was informed by a Japanese person this week that they “save, save, save” for what they want while eating instant ramen for pennies over the span of the week and splurge on bike parts, clothes, etc….sounds kind of like me.

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