Riding through Fremont Older to Regnart Road

Lunchtime in Fremont Older + Regnart

Here’s the photoset with all the pictures!
And here’s the approximate route, via gmap-pedometer, since I forgot my GPS!

I finally got out on a daytime ride this week, the first in what seems like a long time. I had the Axis with me, so I decided to roll through a mixed terrain ride straight from the office. Sorry for the lousy photos, I left my S90 at home. And sorry for the lack of OCD GPS maps, because I left the Garmin at home too. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think it was time to just enjoy riding!

I rode the climb up Prospect to the Fremont Older Open Space Preserve…
From there, I ran into a closure at the Southern gate of Seven Springs Trail… Too bad, that’s the most fun section!

Lunchtime in Fremont Older + Regnart

Then I made my way up to Hunter’s Peak (seen above… Also a popular previous spot to pose for photos)

Took some unmarked paths
that lead to some cool views…

Eventually I exited Fremont Older on the Regnart Road side. I then took on the challenge of climbing Regnart. Holy crap, it’s steep! It felt as hard on the Axis’s pseudo-mountain gearing (low gear: 36t in front, 32t in the back) as most climbs feel for me on the Six13! But I made it to the top, and it was a dead end! Or kind of… Private drives that may or may not go through to the other part of Regnart. I turned around, but not before scoping out the view…

Lunchtime in Fremont Older + Regnart

Now armed with Satellite View knowledge, I’ll try again next time to go through. But I already felt like I was trespassing!

On the way down Regnart, I locked up the front brake and entered a front-wheel skid on some wet pavement. Don’t ask me how I recovered from that, because the recovery could very well have been in a hospital! An unexpected treat was running into my teammate Mat on the way back. We rolled together up McClellan to Stevens Canyon, and then I showed him the Mary Bike bridge. He was on his ‘cross bike too, but with one road tire. “I had it on for the trainer,” he says. I thought it was some kind of secret setup!

All in all, a good ride. Hopefully the weather improves so that I can do this more often, but if not, I’ve already ordered a set of Velo-Orange fenders for the Axis. Classy!

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4 Responses to Riding through Fremont Older to Regnart Road

  1. superfred says:

    I ‘ve tried to weave my way through those “private ” drives only to be blocked on the other end by a locked gate. Easy to get trapped with angry homeowners on what is technically their driveway… so I turn around now too. Effen’ steep at the top, like Comer Dr!

  2. Slonie says:

    Good advice! At least I wouldn’t actually be afraid of the well-heeled homeowners in this area. Up Stevens Canyon or into some of Almaden, I’d be more worried.

    For what it’s worth, I think Regnart is harder than Comer. Or maybe that’s just the post-season fitness talking…

    • Christie says:

      Regnart definitely seemed tougher than Comer. I’m a pretty new rider and have 34t front, 28t rear and some weak ass chicken legs, and my front wheel was coming off the ground a few times going up Regnart, not so on Comer. Although Comer I shamelessly zig-zagged up, trying to keep my HR from killing me…

      Just moved to the neighborhood and am thrilled to find that it’s a bit of a cycling heaven!

      • Slonie says:

        Yep, Regnart is stupid-steep. That’s why I haven’t been back up it since this post! I also managed to lock up my front tire coming down it… That takes skill!

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