Beer 2 Brakers


Official site of the event:

All my photos, here!

That’s right, I have a GPS log for a pub crawl…

The day got started pretty early, as I strapped up the RB-1 with SKS Raceblades to contend with the threatening weather report. It turns out they were mostly unneeded, as the sun was shining by the time we departed from De La Paz Coffee.

(PS: There’s more in this entry, under the cut, so click on through if you want to see it!)

The crowd assembled at De La Paz…

Before leaving, the good stuff was uncorked.

It took a while to get going, but we had quite a good bunch…

First stop was Thirsty Bear, for some “Winter Warmer” and some questionable lock-up techniques.

(yes, that bike is locked to a pedal)

The next stop was the Gordon Biersch underneath the Bay Bridge. Sure, some beer was consumed, but more importantly we all partook heartily of what Gordon Biersch does best: Garlic Fries.

Next stop was the best (and only?) cafe/bikeshop hybrid in the Bay Area, Mojo Bicycle Cafe.
At this point, I decided coffee was the drink for me. And one IPA. And a muffin.

Mojo was the last official stop on the junket, but the remaining group soldiered on to the beach as the sun set…

After that, the final stop for Jason and I was Rosamunde’s for some delicious sausages.

Dave’s cargo bike proved to be a fantastic table, considering there was none other to be had in Rosamunde’s or Toronado.

All in all, a delicious day of riding, drinking, and eating. Thanks to Chuey and everyone else who made it possible!

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2 Responses to Beer 2 Brakers

  1. superfred says:

    What! No stop off at Zeitgeist? That Mojo joint looks pretty nifty… I have to visit the big city.

  2. Slonie says:

    Hey, I was just following the official route. But of course, Zeitgeist is definitely at the top of the list for places to go in the city… I love their bloody mary.

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