A flat ride, except when it wasn’t…

So I had been off the bike all week… I was none too happy about that. Plus the weather was nice, so I went out to try and get some nice hours in the saddle. Because five-hour training rides are PRO. Even if the actual distance I covered was anything but. Here’s the GPS Log. I started out relatively flat, by taking the easy way down to McKean, then on to Morgan Hill. I made my characteristic stop at El Toro Brewpub for a Poppy Jasper snakebite, and found myself right in time to catch Team USA’s dramatic tie in the gold medal hockey game on the bar television. It was quite an experience to see it with a bunch of enthusiastic fans! But we now know how that story ended, so it was soon time to move on. I kept to the flats, until I ended up crossing over 101 to a mysteriously named “Rd O.” I snapped a photo before heading up and over the hill…

Looking up Rd O

On the other side, an infamous road beckoned… Metcalf.

Come prepared to max out your HRM and to peg your power meter; this road is too short to worry about lactate thresholds or functional power levels – if your ride doesn’t end in cerebral apoplexy you weren’t trying.

Metcalf was well described by Thomas Hobbes in his Leviathan: nasty, brutish, and short. A key feature on this year’s Livestrong Ride led by Lance Armstrong, “The Metcalf Mauler” is a classic challenge for San Jose cyclists. There’s nothing subtle about this one, start hard, ride hard, and finish hard.

After reading the LowKey Hillclimb description (iPhone FTW!) I decided that I’d have to try it out for the first time. So much for flatness!

Looking up Metcalf

Some 19-minutes later, I arrived at the top to the sound of motocross bikes and latin music… I had arrived at the Metcalf Motorcycle Park. And boy was the parking lot well-defended!

Guard Weiner

The exit of all the trails at the motorcycle park demanded a photo (and hell, it’s my new header image!)
Not an Entrance

After that, I descended and then “enjoyed” yet more climbing on San Filipe Rd, as I made my way back through the “Silver Creek” area and back home. 70 miles at the end of the day, which is damn good, because I was off the bike all week again afterwards. Sigh…

Here’s the GPS Log. Again. Because I think I’m putting them at the bottom, now…

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3 Responses to A flat ride, except when it wasn’t…

  1. Where is this location? looks beautiful

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