East Bay Alleycross

Boy, this race was such serious business that I didn’t even take a photo till I was finished! And  I didn’t get any photos from before the race, either, because I showed up five minutes before the starting gun, cyclocross-style. Oh well!

Mud Mud Mud Mud

Mud Mud Mud Mud

I can’t say enough good things about the ride. Beautiful course, good people, and fun times. East Bay riding really is some of the best around… Here’s a few observations:

  1. Tunnel Road is not that bad of a climb. Except when it’s at the starting line of the race and you haven’t warmed up.
  2. My lower back made it clear that I was sitting down WAY too much for 32C cross tires inflated to 70psi, offroad.
  3. Investigation of the GPS log after the ride showed various ways we could have navigated to a faster finishing time. Of course, we’d also have navigated around some sweet singletrack to do so. I think we won, in that regard.
  4. Cornbread is good.

Here’s the GPS Log. Or if you prefer, the Strava version. I’m loving Strava, except the whole “costing money” part of it! I’m still on my free trial, with three uploads remaining…

The paltry remainder of my pics are here, but it’s just more pics of mud! Mark’s pics are better.

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One Response to East Bay Alleycross

  1. superfred says:

    Yes I’m afraid I’ll be wasting Strava’s time; I can’t afford her lap dances, so I’ll just watch from afar (Garmin is a serious cover charge), plus 10$ beers! Meh.

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