Can One Tool Reignite the Love of Blogging?

Yes it can, if it’s MarsEdit. I used MarsEdit to publish this post, and the last one. When it comes down to it, I was finding that there was too much friction in grabbing the URLs to my flickr photos to get them into a post, for one thing.

The other thing was that even WordPress’s browser-based editor is kind of janky, to use the technical term. I would much rather compose in a nice Mac-native app. In fact, the epiphany I just went to is quite similar to when I first discovered xJournal (if I recall), a Mac app for LiveJournal. Except, you know, for adults.


Note, this photo isn’t really related, but with MarsEdit’s ability to directly browse my iPhoto library AND my flickr, what excuse would I have not to put an image? I haven’t figured out if there’s a way to caption an image yet, but that’s okay! I’m still learning. The media browser alone is going to make me post a catch-up post soon with all the cool and exciting stuff that’s gone down during the blog hiatus.

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