Training, no quotation marks

Clouds over Shannon

Yep, it finally happened. I did some intervals on Shannon. Before work. It wasn’t always going to be this way… There was a time that I treated it like it was a bad word. I’ve heard the story too many times from veterans of “the plan”, who told tales of all the fun being stripped out of riding their bike. I didn’t want to end up like that, even though these same people were always pretty damn fast!

But then, John, recent convert to “joining a team,” “having a coach,” and “following a training plan” conned me into entering the University Road Race. Combined 4/5 field, and it’s full. Suddenly, I had a very specific event to prepare for. And soon! I only had two weeks to prepare for one of the climbiest races on the calendar. So I got to work. How will it all shake out? We’ll find out soon enough!

I’m not going to post squiggly lines on the blog (rule #1), so above is a photo of the marine layer floating lazily over Shannon and Hicks. At least I can still stop to take photos!

PS: There’s a couple more reasons to, ahem, train. Cross season is coming very soon. I’m planning on doing Cross Vegas. It’s going to suck. I figure that I really need to do something that REALLY sucks to get make everything else seem less sucky by comparison. Look, even Tim Johnson agrees that Cross Vegas is hard.

Speaking of Tim, you should be aware that The Nine Ball Diaries is on Netflix Streaming now. Here’s the trailer!

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