AE86 Relapse!

It’s funny… I dropped the motorsport hobby almost entirely after becoming unemployed and discovering the world of cycling. Even though I still drove in a few events and organized a few more, it just turned out that riding bikes was just as fun, cheaper, and as a side benefit, a lot healthier than driving cars. My lifestyle has been permanently improved! However…

 (also check out the Blipsnip of it!)

I’ve never seen a video more calculated to make me want to get an AE86 and head for the track. What’s amazing is that by bringing in Per Eklund and Klaus Fritzinger to thrash the hell out of a couple of AE86s on Europe’s best circuits, it shows that “hooliganism” was part of the plan all along for this car. My mind was blown the first time I saw this video surface, having no prior idea how far they had gone with the marketing campaign overseas!

But of course, then I remember that I have one. And I did that…

But from this video, my bicycle-riding friends can see that I think my propensity towards off-track excursions on the bike is nothing new… At least it’s no big deal most of the time when I’m on two wheels! Of course, this isn’t the most famous video of me and this car…

(now if only I could operate my bike with such style and grace!)

Air Slone

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3 Responses to AE86 Relapse!

  1. SuperFred says:

    Like to see a Civic pull that off!

  2. Slonie says:

    You’d be surprised at what you can do once you purpose-build one for oversteer…

    It’s still kind of stupid, but awesome. Of course the OTHER solution for a Civic is to adapt a mid-engined, RWD drivetrain…

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