Cyclocross: Note To Self

Manzanita Park CCCX

It turns out that race reports aren’t just for the entertainment of others – You can read your own writing later and be reminded of things that aren’t immediately obvious. I’ve been absolutely terrible in terms of writing this (cyclocross) season, and indeed if I am to write a recap it’s going to have to go all the way back to the University (Road) Race. Yeah, in August. Short version there is: I died a thousand deaths and cramped up enough to force a dismount. Popped off the back in the 4/5 race, which was won by a guy who climbs OLH in the 16’s. But we’ll get to that in another post. For now, I’m going to write a few notes to my future self, so that I can read this later, and benefit from the knowledge.

  1. The Sierra Point Course: It looks easy with that pancake-flat profile, but it’s possibly the most fitness-demanding course of the (RIP) Bay Area Superprestige season. Why? No real climbs means no real descents for recovery. It’s like a hotdog crit that also destroys your lower back if you sit down. Ow.
  2. Do a test-stop with those Mini-V brakes every time you ride, lest you forget that stoppies are not only possible, but probable when you grab a handful of brake.
  3. You already know that choosing the best lines involves looking ahead. What you tend to forget is that when you’re suffering, you’re looking straight down. Thus, picking shitty lines. Don’t do that. Head up!
  4. Riding the tape may be an effective strategy sometimes, but stop getting caught in the gutter at the start. You get swarmed, and have nowhere to go. It sucks!
  5. Drills. How’d you even do a season without them in 2009? And have any measure of success? (Answer: You were racing C’s, but that’s not true anymore…)
  6. Watch for those lap cards, and if you don’t, that guy is sprinting around you at Harbor High School because he knows something you don’t.

Maybe I’ll come up with more of these later! I’ll probably come back and edit the post. Anybody else have any tips that they tend to forget in the off-season?


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