Yamaguchi Framebuilding School

I’m a little out of the loop here. Thanks to a tantalizing photoset from a Flickr friend, it only took ten minutes, to go from not even knowing about the Yamaguchi framebuilding class, to checking the available dates for 2011. After this, I got around to the realization that Yamaguchi is not, in fact, located in Japan. He’s been in the USA since 1989.¹ That would explain why he’s built frames for the US Olympic team, among other things. Like I said, I’m slow!

But now that I’m all caught up… I think my next vacation just planned itself²: Rifle Colorado, 2011! Who’s with me? We’ll build frames, then ride them! In Colorado! We’ll eat roadkill burgers. It’ll be sweet!

Okay, time to level with you. Everything written above, while true, is just here to so I would have an excuse to post the first three photos I found of Yamaguchi’s happy graduates. You know what they say about dogs resembling their owners? Well, have a look at these three students and the frames they made…




Do I even need captions? Do I even know what a rhetorical question is?


This belongs in the post, not the comments. By utilizing the Rand Miller method of wish-fulfillment fantasy, I have concocted a startlingly-realistic glimpse into the future:

Frame DONE!*

¹ This fact alone just saved potentially thousands of dollars off the expected cost of such an escapade.
² Actually, this is not completely true – My next vacation is, obviously, the CFC Team Training Camp in Bend, OR. Look for the press release soon!

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4 Responses to Yamaguchi Framebuilding School

  1. Paul says:

    You should have photoshopped out their heads and made a guessing game of it. Although, the shirts are part of the fun.

  2. SuperFred says:

    Current status: Perusing “Press Releases for Dummies.”

  3. sasha says:

    Hey, that’s me you photoshopped your head on to! Yamaguchi is amazing! I absolutely recommend the course.

    • Slonie says:

      Haha, that’s awesome! I didn’t expect to be found out so quickly, but hopefully you don’t mind! You can tell I approve of your frame because it’s the one I “built.” I’d love to see the finished bike…

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