Slonie Answers Your Search Terms

I’m starting a new thing here. You like Googling. You’ve got queries, and I’ve got posts that answer them. Or do I? I do now.

I’ve got a lot of terms to catch up on before going into maintenance mode with “What are you searching for this week?“, so consider this the first in a series. A serious of awesomeness.


i want a bridgestone rb-1

You’re in luck, it just so happens that mine is for sale! 1992, 57.5cm, yellow. $600 and it’s yours. Send email to my nickname at gmail dot com.

bruce gordon custom price

Bruce Gordon needs your help right now! It’s about $1800 for a custom frame, and there’s no waitlist as of this posting. What, you’re still here? Go get it!

van dessel whiskey tango foxtrot weight

I asked Van Dessel and they gave me the skinny. The WTF weighs 2700g, and the fork is 1250g. I believe that’s for a 56cm. It will make you strong like bull, they added.

van dessel country road bob

Never really clicked with me… I always found it to be ugly, myself. While on the other hand…

van dessel wtf roadtest

I haven’t ever seen one in print! Tell you what, I’ll volunteer to evaluate a Van Dessel WTF, and get back to you on this (as soon as Van Dessel sends me one). I’ll be waiting…

rsogn or vaya?

First-world problem, right?

giant revive

Don’t do it!

old caz grasshopper 2011

Was awesome…

grasshopper adventure series vimeo kabush

Was awesomer.

(Part 2 here)

Other Stuff

youtube i even made angel cop amv

Did you? I made Angel Cop Condensed like ten years ago. Of course only a few friends had really seen it before they invented YouTube.

its not bacon

dogs don’t know it’s not bacon

meaning of dogs do not know it is not bacon

it has to be baicon its baicon dogs dont know its baicon

Beggin’ Strips commercials were awesome, it’s undeniable.

Snausages commercials may be even better, though.

self flattering portrait

I’m not really good at these, but I keep trying. Maybe try some better lighting!

“outfoxies pcb” 2011

I’m not sure why you’re adding 2011 to your term, but Outfoxies is awesome, and it’s definitely worth your effort to track down the PCB.

is calorie mate unhealthy

Well, Calorie Mate is basically shortbread, marketed as “balanced food”. But it delivers what it promises – Calories! You need those to live. So maybe it’s not so unhealthy after all.

Plus, Jack Bauer really seems to enjoy them when he’s on holiday in Japan…

Well, that’s it for the first installment, join me next time when I answer more of your search queries!

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