2011-12 Cyclocross Calendars are Up!

Live in Norcal? Your CX Calendar is up! You’ve got hella races to do this season!

Live in Socal? Your CX Calendar is up! You’ve got a grip of races to do this season!

Live in Norcal or Socal? January 22nd is the second-annual Norcal vs. Socal CX race in Bakersfield. You might recall that I raced it last season and had a hell of a good time. You should too!

Live somewhere else? Check Cyclocross Magazine’s new National Calendar page for races and clinics near you!

Don’t live in the US and still looking for a calendar? Leave a comment, I’d love to know. Also, if you could translate the Kansai Cyclocross calendar that would be great, because I really want to race over there. More on that later, actually…

Important Transfers

Make no mistake, Bay101/HRS RockLobster is a powerhouse team around these parts. Last year, at one very sloppy CCCX race at Manzanita Park, there was only one man that was able to walk away from the Josh Snead (and the rest of the field), adding insult to injury by riding the runup and bunnyhopping the barriers on said runup. That man is Aaron Bradford. It’s nice to have more guys on different teams that are fast enough to challenge the dominance of the one with “all” the fast guys on it, right? I think so too!

So naturally, Aaron has just joined RockLobster.

Silver Bullets

Well, crap. Truly, they are becoming the Norcal version of CannondaleCyclocrossworldCircaLastYear, WhenTheyHadAllTheFastestGuysAndWonEverything. Congratulations on the transfer, Aaron!

PS: If you’re offended that I said that all the fast guys were on Rock Lobster, leave a comment! (I’d be totally stoked to find out that Don Myrah reads my blog)

PPS: The Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld monopoly on the fastest guys has been broken up a little this season, with Jeremy Powers departing to Rapha-Focus to engage in some “epic” sepia-toned racing against his former teammates. Then again, it looks like they’re now importing national champions to fill up the roster. Wait a second, I don’t cover national and international-level racing here, why are you still reading this?

Josh Snead

Speaking of Josh Snead, it looks like he’s currently building up his coaching business. This man will make you fast. Or at least, he’ll make you wonder how he gets so fast. Seriously, watch the video and marvel at the smoothness. Then, drop him a line and tell him I sent you. Hopefully he asks why I’m writing a blog post and not riding my bike.

Cyclocross Practice Rides

This is getting excited. CX practice rides are starting up. Everywhere. Right under your nose, even. Hell, if you can’t find one, hit me up and we’ll go ride.

By the way, I was going to label this “Cyclocross Training Rides,” but I’m not sure Daddy Friel would approve. I mean, these rides are fun! Unfortunately, the most mysterious and prestigious Secret CX Course is currently underwater…

The Secret CX course just got a little more secret (and underwater)


Registration filled up in 11 minutes this year, again. I’ll be racing for Sheila Moon Athletic Apparel again, and am looking to improve my finishing position from last year’s 92nd place to something more prestigious. Like 85th place. So if you’re gonna be there, say hi! Or, give me a beer handup (remember, the overlords at the UCI just legalized feeding in CX races). It’s gonna be fun!

PS: If you have a UCI license, CrossVegas is not full. Go register for the Elite race. I think they haven’t started requiring national champion status in your country of origin in order to race, but I’m not sure. You should check with the organizers.


• Issue 13 of Cyclocross Magazine is out. Grab a subscription online, or get it now at your local bookstore (if they’re still in business), or bike shop. I even had a (very small) part in this issue.

• I don’t know what Specialized is on over in the paint department, but I want some of it.

(The pictured frameset, a 2012 Crux, is currently for sale. If it was a 56, it may have already been sold. To me.)

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5 Responses to Get Hype for LOCAL CYCLOCROSS NEWS

  1. Frank says:

    You had me on the floor with the Myrah comment. Not to worry, here are a few other fast guys out there as well. Looking forward to Bakersfield too.


  2. Aaron Bradford …..that’s my son! My fast bunnyhopping boy. 🙂

  3. Oh, he is a sweetheart 🙂 I am very proud of him….he has been great at this sport the whole 11 years he has been in it. Nice to read your words here! Merry Christmas!

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