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So where we left off last time, I had just done the Foothill Circuit race, and even reported on it. Hell, Norcal Cycling News liked it enough that they got permission to repost my coverage of the Pro/1/2 race. I’m happy that they did, because I’m happy any time The Legend Of May Woo grows.

I went on a big ride, here are some medium photos.

Brought to you by Performance Bike Brand Chamois Cream. My review: It works!

The next weekend, I went out for an all-day ‘cross ride. All-day? Well, I left the house at 2pm and came back around 9:30. The theme of the ride was “No F’s would be given.” I was also, in a way, recreating the first “big ride” I did, way back in 2007 , when I rode up Highway 9, into Saratoga Gap and Long Ridge, then progressively used up all my water, food, and daylight by the time I made it back to civilization. It felt very adventuresome at the time, and it had been a while since I rolled out from my front door with big dirt in mind. And big it was!

UPDATE! I just found the blog post I wrote in 2007 about that ride. It’s rather awesome to read a few years later.

I saw a lot of views like this:
I forget where... Russian Ridge still?

And a few like this:
No F's Were Given

And I found an arcade and ice cream in the middle of the wilderness, so of course I partook… Not only did it take off any pressure to set a PR up Highway 9, but I also got ice cream. That’s performance nutrition right there.
Ice cream AND an arcade? This is the best ride up highway 9 EVER!

I kept on riding…
Butano View Fog

And saw more stuff like this…
Go into the light!

It was pretty sweet. Check out this map, which doesn’t form a complete loop because my Garmin ran out of battery. In the end, it was about 65 miles and 8000 feet of climbing. Most of it was on dirt, and it was about 6 hours of moving time (7-ish hours total).

Big Ride

University Road Race Report!
Screen shot 2011-08-11 at 4.13.53 PM

Spoiler Alert: He didn’t, so I didn’t. 

It’s Officially ‘Cross Season! (or close enough)

Of course, now here’s what I’m looking forward to… I regret the fact that the days of long all-day rides on Sundays may be gone for  few months. We’re less than two weeks out from the first local race, which I may or may not do, but hot on its heels…

CrossVegas, baby. It’s going to be a fun week at Interbike, and I’m really looking forward to the race. And how am I feeling coming into the season? Pretty good actually. I’ve set some good times up the local climbs, and I’ve been riding a hell of a lot more dirt this year than last year. Will this mean it’s going to be any easier this year? Probably not, but I might go faster! I’ve gotten tested, and my swagger is up like 8% over last year.

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