Chocolate and Peanut Butter: The Post That Wasn’t

So, I originally started writing a post about this back in October, but never finished it… In it, I stated that I was considering combining two things I like, Japan, and ‘Cross into one absurd trip in November. See, the story would start with me hopping on a plane immediately after racing SSCXWC, and heading to Japan to do the Nobeyama CX Race. Then I’d bum around for a week and follow it up with another race in Saitama. When I wrote the post, I wasn’t even sure I was going to do it, but said that I was toying with the idea of bringing my bike on vacation and shattering the myth once and for all that all Americans who race ‘cross in Japan are badass and fast.

Well, I did it. I think I accomplished that mission. But that story will have to wait a little while. In the meantime, I’m back now and “racing” here. Since the last “Season So Far” report, I raced a few times! Long-winded reports for those races are coming, but the high notes were…

Surf City #1, the Halloween Race, at Aptos High School – Bike change 2 minutes before the start, lined up in the front row, climbed 200ft per lap, did pretty well!


Stafford Lake CX in Novato – Missed my start by 10-15 seconds and rode my way into the field. Still finished mid-pack. Rolled a tubie in the pre-ride and my index finger is still jacked up from the resulting crash.


BASP Sierra Point Night Race in Brisbane – Best Sierra Point course yet due to rain the day before. Rode a decent race too, but crashed and lost a few positions.


SSCXWC in Golden Gate Park… No wait, I got sick the day of the qualifier. Damn.


(Pictured: Not Me… But I’m sure a little hypothermia would have helped me get over that sickness before hopping on the plane to Japan!)

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