About Slonie

Hey there. People call me Slonie.

I like bikes. Sometimes I race them, slowly. I also like cars, and I used to do the same with them until discovering that bikes are cheaper and better for you. If you ever see a Caterham 7 with a GSXR motor in it, with a cyclocross bike riding on top of a crudely-fashioned rack welded to the roll bar, that could be me. In my dreams, anyway.

On this blog, you might find posts about bikes, cars, my travels in Japan, my attempts at drawing and graphic design, bacon, old video games, 550 paracord, and whatever else it is I’m into right now.

I set this up to give me a place that allows thoughts bigger than 140 characters, that isn’t owned by a Russian conglomerate, and that isn’t a social networking site. In the archives, anything prior to 2010 is imported from my old LiveJournal, much of it so old that I don’t even remember writing it!

Want to contact me? I use gmail. So, add @gmail.com to my name and you’ve got my address.

Use Twitter? That’s my name there too.

For the Cyclocross Comic, follow @cxcomic on Twitter.

Or, just leave a comment on a post. I’ll get back to you!


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