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Term I just coined #5

Brunch Ride A few birthdays ago, I found myself with some good friends at Esther’s German Bakery for brunch. After ordering food, the proprietor asked what we’d like to drink. “Three coffees and three Spatens please.” The proprietor hesitates for … Continue reading

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Wherein I make excuses for the lack of blogging.

That’s actually a pretty terrible title for a post. It implies that I don’t have anything to talk about right here, and for once, I actually do! I know nobody wants to read a post apologizing for a lack of … Continue reading

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Slonie Answers Your Search Terms

I’m starting a new thing here. You like Googling. You’ve got queries, and I’ve got posts that answer them. Or do I? I do now. I’ve got a lot of terms to catch up on before going into maintenance mode … Continue reading

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Back Off The Saddle Again: A belated Boggs Report

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, let’s see if this thing still works. I mean, the last thing I reported was the Boggs 8hr cross-country mountain bike race.  And that wasn’t even a post, just an awesome photo from … Continue reading

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First time doing an 8-hour race. Full report to come…

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Term I just coined #4

Race Radio – When a bug flies into your ear. Bug: “bzzzzzzzz” Me: “Ow, I just got race radio!” (Slightly better than the “protein shot,” which is when the bug flies into your mouth and involuntary ingestion occurs)

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Who Wants To Be My Next New Bike?

So, I’ve got a road bike. I’ve got a mountain bike. I’ve got a cyclocross bike. They all do their jobs well. But I’d love to have something that, at the very least, could accomplish at some of these goals: … Continue reading

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Grasshopper Old Caz: The Revenge

50 miles on a CX bike. What’s the worst that could happen? Last year, in search of a “favorite race of the year,” or even a “best day on the bike, ever,” I set off on the legendary Old Cazadero … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing in Bakersfield

You should also read Cyclocross Magazine’s coverage of the event. First of all, I co-wrote it. Plus, it’s shorter, and doesn’t waste time talking about feral cats, mexican food, lukewarm tubs, giant novelty checks, or California Vehicle Code Section 23229(a).

For any of that, you’ll have to read on… Continue reading

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Grasshopper Season: Unfinished Business

Tomorrow: For further context, see this time, last year. Grasshopper 2011 poster at Gianni Cycling.

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