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Yamaguchi Framebuilding School

You know what they say about dogs resembling their owners? Well, have a look at these three students and the frames they made… Continue reading

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Things I wish I knew when I started Riding

Look, I’m not exactly an old hand at this business, and there’s a lot of information out there available to new cyclists, but I’m gonna lay it down straight and give you the things that nobody told me. In no … Continue reading

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It’s starting to feel a lot like January

Well it’s been cold, intermittently rainy, and I’ve got what I now recognize as the taste of copper in my mouth that accompanies the first ride of the year. Seriously, I remember talking about it last year as I took … Continue reading

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Cyclocross: Note To Self

It turns out that race reports aren’t just for the entertainment of others – You can read your own writing later and be reminded of things that aren’t immediately obvious. I’ve been absolutely terrible in terms of writing this (cyclocross) … Continue reading

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I wish I could go that hard

Me: “Dude, I just saw one of the juniors after the finish, he was throwing up all over the place. I only wish I could go that hard…” Chris: “Seriously, it’s pretty hard to do!” Me: “I mean I felt … Continue reading

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Slone’s Razor (Term I just coined #3)

Slone’s razor When naming a law after yourself, it sounds way cooler if you call it a razor, instead. I learned this from Occam’s razor. See how much cooler that sounds than Occam’s law? Because it’s a razor. That’s badass. … Continue reading

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Go See Redline

This movie put one of the biggest, stupidest, most awe-struck grins of amazement on my face that I’ve ever had in a theater. Continue reading

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AE86 Relapse!

I’ve never seen a video more calculated to make me want to get an AE86 and head for the track. Continue reading

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CYCLOCROSS! The 24 Hour Comic Book (aka The Little Golden Book of Cross)

Update – 10.15.2010 Thanks everyone! I’m really thrilled at the feedback I’ve gotten on the comic, and I never expected that this many people would ever see it. All the kind words I’ve gotten really mean a lot. What I’ve … Continue reading

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Vegas Bound

On Monday, I’ll be here: And here: Usually once a year does the trick for me and keeps me out of Vegas till the next year. Now that Interbike is moving to Anaheim for next year, this will be the … Continue reading

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